"Yaroslav Myskiv is widely respected for his achievements in the graphic
arts. Since the early eighties, in a personal language characterized by a romantic-surrealist style, his work has sung the verses of an ancient land, inhabited at different times by the Tavrians, Cimmerians, Savromatians, and of course the Hellenes... Towards the end of the eighties, he developed an enormous enthusiasm for mezzotints - with the tonal effects of this technique he succeeds in recording the essence of various emotions and the slightest nuances of thought; a fascination with architectural landmarks and the beauty of woman. Recently, Myskiv`s fokus has shifted towards the monotype, a technique in which the unexpected play of lights and darks and subtle differences of hue allow him to capture the ephemeral states of humam feeling, subconscious desires, recollections, and his understanding of the role of the artist at the end of the 20th century. Myskiv`s landscapes, realistic yet highly personal interpretations of his native places, are also an extremely attractive component of his individualized artistic oeure."

Mykola Marychevsky, Volodymyr Pidhora
"Fine Arts", N. 2, 1997




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